Can I install my windows in the winter?

A common question for many homeowners is, is it OK to install my windows in the cold winter months?  The answer is of course! Make sure to find a local, reputable contractor such as FMW Enterprises to properly assess your situation.  In order to prevent heat loss, FMW Enterprises takes proper precautions by installing one window at a time. The window preparation work is done efficiently and as much is done as possible before the window itself is removed. This best-practice procedure minimizes the time the old window is out of your home and before your new replacement window is securely installed. The time the opening will be “wide open”, depending on size, can be between 10-20 minutes. The energy savings you will gain after install, far outweigh the little heat loss during this time.

One important component of winter window installation is type and quality of the caulk.  FMW uses high quality OSI Quad caulk, which performs much better than a generic brand and prevents potential problems with air leakage.  It helps to keep the caulk warm and inside until you are ready to use it, and is a good practice to keep in mind.  The inconvenience of having lower temps during the winter is far surpassed by the new energy savings you will enjoy throughout the winter and for years to come.

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