All About Vinyl Windows

With many different types of windows to choose from, if you are a new home or property owner, the choices can be daunting or downright confusing. How do you choose the best type of windows for your window replacement project? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each type? To make this a little easier, let’s focus on vinyl windows and why they might be your best option.

What Exactly Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows refers to the framing material for a window (i.e. the structure in which you set the glass itself), so not only the perimeter frame but the interior frames of the window. The most common framing types are aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Vinyl is also another name for poly-vinyl chloride, which you may have heard of as PVC – the material often used in piping, window blinds, and even things like medical devices.

What Are The Benefits of Vinyl Windows Installation?

It comes down to three main factors – cost, durability, and aesthetics (the window appearance itself). One of the main benefits of vinyl windows is the cost, as compared to more sturdy but expensive materials like types of metal or wood, vinyl is often easily produced and as such fairly cheap. If you are on a budget for your window replacement project, this is probably the most affordable option for you.
In terms of durability, vinyl is as good as it comes – from being easy to clean, to resistant to being washed out by constant sunlight, and with no need to paint, repaint, or stain the frames like you might for wood or metal options throughout the years. Basically, the appeal of vinyl is that they are low-hassle options – you don’t need to do much maintenance or repair, as you would for other materials.
The only downside to vinyl is the third factor, the appearance – vinyl is not the most exciting of framing materials, and doesn’t offer customization options for color or finish that you may have choosing one of the other materials. So these are definitely an option for someone who wants something functional and affordable, as opposed to a focus on appearance. If that’s you, then there’s no reason why vinyl windows in Chicago aren’t a good bet for any home or property owner.

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