All About Basement Windows

We know that installation of basement windows or a basement windows replacement project can be a daunting task, and if you are a new homeowner, you may not know the first thing about doing it. There are some important considerations to take into account when figuring out the best options for your basement window project and before you start reaching out to Chicago window companies to start work on your property.
First, much is dependent on whether you have an unfinished or finished basement. This can determine the type of basement window options you have, as well as the main goal for choosing your basement windows in Chicago, specifically. For an unfinished basement, your main goal should be choosing the best option for insulation, but since you won’t be spending as much time down there, you won’t need to consider as many choices. For an unfinished basement, the biggest question is probably related to the style – hopper, glass block or slider, or even a dryer vent option if you have your washing machine and dryer located down there.
For a finished basement, there are a number of additional considerations. Most importantly, since you will be spending more time down there (and needing appropriate heating and cooling for hosting guests or using it as an additional living room), energy efficiency glass should be a much higher priority as you consider options. Remember that energy efficient glass will be more expensive than other options, so keep this in mind for your budget. You will also want to consider aesthetic styles for your basement windows installation – while sliding and hopper windows can be more customizable and also allow you to open them for ventilation, while glass block windows can ensure more privacy and security. Consider your plans for using the space and choose the appropriate window type based on this.
A final consideration is the type of glass you want in your windows, once you have chosen the frame and size you need. While small windows won’t present a security concern, for bigger basement windows in Chicago, you may want to opt for laminated or tempered glass, which add extra strength and discourage break-ins by being much more durable.
Remember that the more durable or beneficial the type of glass or frame you choose, the more you may add cost to your basement windows replacement project. So choosing the location for the windows, the size, the colors, the strength or efficiency of the glass, and whether to include decorative grids all come with costs associated. Make sure to do some research on different options, or talk to your window contractor for suggestions and advice while planning your basement windows installation.