Everything you should know about storm windows

“Storm windows” refers to windows that are installed on the outside of the already-installed, primary house windows. Their primary reason for use in a home is to give extra wind protection and weather insulation. Storm windows replaced or installed on top of your existing windows to normalize the temperature inside. Storm windows can be custom-ordered for new installation or replacement to fit over your current windows and are available in a number of different colors. They are usually installed on the exterior of your existing windows, but you can opt for interior storm windows as well. They come in either two-track or triple-track configurations.
When considering storm windows in Chicago for your home, besides obviously checking windows companies in Chicago, there are a few clear benefits to using them for your property. Here are some of the best reasons to choose them.

Protection from extreme weather

One of the main causes of window replacement in Chicago is extreme weather, usually in the form of high winds and the debris and damage they can cause. Storm windows are not only designed to withstand the elements themselves, but they also serve as a first line of defense for your existing windows. This means that even if the storm windows are damaged, they can preserve your normal windows and save you money and costs by keeping an additional layer of protection for your home’s interior intact.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

On top of providing additional protection, storm windows can also better seal your home to the cold or heat outside depending on the season. Since windows are often one of the biggest locations for heating or air conditioning loss, by double sealing your windows with custom-fitted storm windows, you can prevent this and help keep your home cooling or heating costs manageable. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, especially with the wide variation of temperatures in Chicago.


If you live in a busy area of the city or a suburb, street sounds can often be trouble, not only for your family but also for guests who are unaccustomed to city noise. Storm windows also add an additional layer of soundproofing to your home, blocking the noise more effectively than a single pane of glass and helping to keep your home more peaceful and quiet.
If these benefits sound good to you, the final consideration is your budget. While storm windows are an additional expense, the long term cost savings can far outweigh the short term investment in these window types. While storm windows can be installed by individuals, most home owners rely on Chicago window companies to professionally install them and insure that your home reaps all of the benefits that they can provide.

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