The Most Popular Windows Types

Windows are extremely important elements within the home, both functionally and aesthetically. When considering windows replacement, or windows installation of new windows to a new build, many homeowners are interested in different window types to add style to their homes.
There are 5 main types of windows that builders and window installers suggest: awning, single-hung, double-hung, bay and bow and picture windows.

Awning Windows
Awning window installation is a great choice if you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, or if you live in an area with frequent rainstorms. Awning windows are installed with a hinge at the top of the window. They open outwards from the bottom. Two large benefits of this type of windows installment are that firstly they save energy and secondly they can be opened during rainy weather and provide your home with excellent ventilation whilst still keeping the rain out.

Single-hung Windows
Single-hung windows are one the most common window installation, or windows replacement. Single-hung windows are composed of 2 windows, or sashes, one of the sashes is fixed in place, and the other- usually the lower sash- is movable. The fixed sash benefits your home with lots of natural light and is also energy-saving. This type of window is perfect for homeowners looking for an economical, cost-effective window replacement.

Double-hung Windows
This type of window is very similar to single-hung windows, the only difference being both sashes are able to move. Double-hung windows are more expensive, they are versatile, excellent for ventilation, and also very easy to clean. Many newer double-hung windows have the option of having a tip-in feature which allows both interior and exterior surfaces to be easily cleaned.

Bay and Bow Windows
These windows are decidedly different from the previous three. Bay and bow windows have a striking aesthetic as they extend out from the exterior wall of the home. The additional space inside is often used as a window seat. A bay window consists of three windows with the central one being fixed and the windows on either side can be a combination of different tires, They are often double-hung with a picture window in the center. A bow window is very similar but consists of four or more windows adjacent to each other in a curved arrangement.

Picture Windows
Picture window installation is best where you need natural light, but don’t need to open the window for ventilation. Picture windows are fixed In place and are ideal to display a magnificent view of the outside environment. They do not open and are very easy to maintain.
They usually consist of a large glass pane in a minimal frame. They are excellent for allowing in natural light and are more energy efficient compared to other windows.